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Hoarding Cleanup

Excessive clutter and hoarding has been in the spotlight in news programs and cable shows. Recent studies estimate that 4-5% of people are hoarders of some kind. Whether garbage, paper, household items, clothing, human waste, animal waste, or a combination of several; hoarding is unhealthy and unsafe. Its consequences include fire, falls, and illness. Some individuals are without heat or water because repairmen cannot get inside to fix the problem.

Many individuals who hoard are ashamed of and embarrassed by their home. This makes it hard to allow anyone to enter–especially family members or friends. And yet, many hoarders know something needs to be done.

At Missouri Hoarding, we realize that just calling a professional hoarding company can be very difficult. When you call, you will speak to a friendly, understanding, non-judgmental individual who will listen to you. In fact, people tell us that they feel better about their situation even just talking on the phone with us!

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Missouri Hoarding navigates hoarding cleanup with thoughtful care and compassion. Throughout the state of Missouri, we just want to help you regain a clean and safe living space.

How do we work? While every situation is a little different, we generally start with an estimate. Not only will this give you information about the price of cleanup, it allows you to ask any questions you may and and get a feel for how Missouri Hoarding works. During the estimate, and if you choose us to help cleanup your home, we will not advertise our presence with logos on our vehicles or uniforms. Your privacy is important to us.

On the day of cleaning, we will remove and dispose of trash, nonfunctional items, and anything that is not safe to keep. Since these are often mixed together with useful or important items, we will sort as we work. Many times, we have found important documents, money, and precious items that have been lost for years!

Items that are no longer needed but are in good condition will be donated to a local charity. For items that need to be disposed of, we follow all local, state and federal regulations for disposing of hazardous or biohazardous materials, appliances, and electronics.

In most situations, many items remain in the home. We will help make sure these items are where they belong. If you wish, our final step will be to disinfect and deodorize the space.

The result? Take a look for yourself.

Missouri Hoarding Cleanup, your #1 Choice for Hoarding Clean-Up in Missouri